Sync your bookmarks seemlessly acrross browser and computers.

We all have a work on browser on multiple devices, be it office desktop, home laptop, have mobile and tablets. When using these many devices we always have a problem of able to sync bookmarks across the devices.

One easy solution is to use the same browser across the devices, each browser have its own mechanism to sync bookmarks.

What if we find ourself in a position where we have a browser of choice for each device, say in office we can only use IE and other browsers are prohibited. How do we sync our bookmarks.

So there are solution to these problem, You can use 3rd party plugins to achive this, the most particular which is very help full is xmarks.

As per wiki

“The Xmarks bookmark synchronizer is an extension for Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Apple Safari (on OS X 10.5 and 10.6)[3] that synchronizes bookmarks between computers, can also synchronize passwords, open tabs, and browsing history (Firefox only).”

So try xmarks, though it is a paid service in mobile device, you can intelligently get bookmarks sync on those devices using only on browser on the phone and using the same browser on PC ….. your imagination is the limit